Wireless keyboard with micro USB receiver, QWERY, HDWR typerCLAW-BC150

SKU: typerCLAW-BC150
  • Keyboard type: mechanical
  • Keyboard layout: QWERTY
  • Wireless communication: USB micro receiver
  • Number of keys: 104
  • Supported operating systems: Windows, Mac OS, Linux
  • Additional features: numeric keypad, function keys, feet

Discover the wireless typerCLAW-BC150 keyboard

The typerCLAW-BC150 is a wireless, mechanical keyboard that combines durability, comfort, and functionality. It’s perfect for busy professionals, writing enthusiasts, and everyday use. Compatible with Windows, Mac OS and Linux systems, its robust dark gray ABS construction ensures long-lasting durability and resistance to heavy use. The mechanical keys provide precision and comfort in typing, while adjustable feet allow you to customize the tilt angle for increased comfort.

wireless typerCLAW HDWR keyboard

Wireless communication via USB micro receiver

The typerCLAW-BC150 keyboard utilizes advanced wireless technology to provide a stable and reliable connection through a USB micro receiver. Users can enjoy complete freedom of movement without the limitations of cables. The small and discreet USB micro receiver can be easily connected to any USB port on a computer, laptop, or other compatible device. With a range of up to 10 meters, it allows comfortable use of the keyboard even in larger rooms.

cable-free keyboard, wireless operation

Versatility and functionality

The keyboard is equipped with a full-size numeric keypad, making it easy to enter numerical data and perform calculations. This makes it ideal for those who frequently work with spreadsheets, accounting programs, or other applications that require precise and fast number entry.

The function keys located on the top row of the keyboard provide quick access to various functions, significantly increasing work efficiency. They allow for volume adjustment, multimedia control, and quick launching of programs and applications. Users can instantly pause, rewind, or stop playing music and videos without needing to use a mouse.

computer keyboard with function keys

The set includes:

Wireless keyboard, USB micro receiver.

 computer keyboard, grey, slimline

Frequently asked questions



1 year


dark grey



Keyboard type


Number of keys


Keyboard layout


Additional features

numeric block, function keys, feet

Supported languages

English, French, etc.

Supported operating systems

Windows, Mac OS, Linux

Wireless communication

USB micro receiver

Wireless operating range

up to 10m

Power supply

2 x AAA

Working temperature

-5 ~ 45°C

Storage temperature

-20 ~ 45°C

Operating humidity

10 to 90%

Storage humidity

10 to 90%

Device dimensions

43.5 x 12.5 x 1.5 cm

Dimensions of packaging

45.5 x 17.5 x 3 cm

Weight of the device

400 g

Weight of the device with packaging

600 g

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