Platform scale with wheels up to 1000 kg, HDWR wagPRO-P1000W

SKU: wagPRO-P1000W
  • Measurement accuracy: +/- 500 g
  • Display: Digital, up to 5 digits
  • Power supply: Mains-powered, battery-powered
  • Battery capacity: 4Ah
  • Additional features: Taring, product counting, entering unit prices, screen backlight, automatic shutdown function

Industrial platform scale with wheels wagPRO-P1000W

wagPRO-P1000W has been designed for precise weighing of larger objects. It consists of a metal platform measuring 50×40 cm, equipped with special protrusions to prevent objects from shifting during weighing. Its maximum capacity is 1000 kg, providing ample opportunities for measuring even the most unconventional products. The scale features 4 wheels and a handle for easy transportation. This device is suitable for trade, industry, and logistics, where accurate weighing of larger-sized objects is essential.

Platform scale with wheels up to 1000 kg, HDWR wagPRO-P1000W

Measurement precision

The wagPRO-P1000W scale features an advanced control panel that includes a numeric keypad and control buttons. Additionally, it is equipped with three-digit displays that are backlit in green. The weighing system is highly precise, allowing for measurements with an accuracy of up to 500 grams.</sytro >

platform scale on wheels for weighing goods

Many possibilities

Comfort and convenience in everyday use are ensured thanks to three clear digital LCD displays. These displays allow easy reading of information such as the weight of the currently weighed product or the unit price. Large buttons enable precise adjustment of various functions. The scale offers many useful features, such as taring, which means resetting the scale to zero before weighing, and the ability to enter and sum unit prices, making the measuring process much easier.

Industrial Warehouse Platform Scale

Performance and Power of Operation

The built-in battery with a capacity of 4 Ah (4000 mAh) ensures wireless and unrestricted operation for up to 4 days of intensive weighing. Long-lasting operation on battery power is made possible by an energy-saving module with automatic backlight dimming after a longer period of inactivity, allowing the scale to be in standby mode for up to a week. The battery level can be checked on the display at any time, allowing for energy monitoring. Additionally, the scale allows for continued operation while charging, which is done using the included 230V power supply. Furthermore, the equipment enables the folding of the stand along with the control panel, saving space.

wagPRO-P1000W scale with an advanced control panel

The set includes:

Platform scale wagPRO-P1000W, mounting screws, power supply, user manual.



1 year

Material of construction

iron sheet

Maximal nominal load

1000 kg

Measurement accuracy

+/- 500 g

Maximum allowable load

100% of the nominal load


Digital, up to 5 digits

Display backlight


Additional features

Taring the scale, product counting, inputting unit prices, screen backlight, automatic power-off function

Type of battery


Power supply

mains, battery-powered

Battery capacity

4 Ah (4000 mAh)

Battery life

up to 2 days

Standby time

up to a week

Automatic backlight timeout

after 10 seconds of inactivity

Operating temperature

-10 – 40℃

Device dimensions

500 mm (length) x 400 mm (width) x 840 mm (height)

Dimensions of the weighing platform

50 x 40 mm

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