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HDWR company history

Our company was established in 2009 under the name Weaver Software Andrzej Lenkowski as a sole proprietorship. It was then that we began to build the HDWR brand, which we have been successively developing over the years, having as our highest goal, providing our customers with the highest quality equipment.

Initially, our company was engaged in the sale of barcode readers and scanners. However, in order to satisfy the needs of our customers, we have set our sights on continuous development and are constantly expanding our assortment, so that every customer has the opportunity to find something for themselves on our online store

The idea of the company when it was founded was to provide high-quality equipment for business, so, in addition to a wide range of barcode scanners, cash drawers and holders allowing their installation appeared over time, which were used in stores by our customers. Wanting to expand our reach, we introduced computer keyboards, monitor holders, desks and document shredders, ideal as equipment for any office, office or any institution. Our offer already includes time recorders that allow easy management of employee records or access to premises, and for relaxation we offer projectors of various types. For drivers, we have car cameras that allow you to record the route of your vehicle and increase safety. But that's not all, our assortment includes scales of various capacities and modes of operation, RFID devices, label printers, mobile terminals and much, much more.

Such a wide range of high-quality products has brought us thousands of satisfied customers, both in Poland and around the world, which encourages us to act even more vigorously and develop dynamically.

Our company's values, which guide our daily work, are first and foremost respect and customer satisfaction. We make every effort to ensure that each of our customers is properly served, with professionalism and respect. Our team invests in continuous development so that we can provide you with advice and assistance in any situation.

HDWR Global awards

Our company has twice received the e-Business Gazelle award, which we are proud of, because this award is the culmination of the effort and endeavor we have put into our business all these years of existence. At the same time, it is also a confirmation that all our actions are right, and the company's development is going in the intended direction.

This prestigious award is given to small and medium-sized companies in Poland that sell online. The ranking has been created since 2014 by "Puls Biznesu" and lists the most dynamically developing small and medium-sized e-commerce companies.

We received our first award in the e-Gazelles of Business ranking in 2021, when our company ranked in the list with a turnover growth of as much as 12%. We received the second award in 2022, achieving a turnover growth of 34%. Thus, we improved our score by 141%.

Of course, the above accolades would not be ours without our customers and their trust, for which we would like to thank you from this place and assure you that we will continue to maintain the level of quality of our products and improve the quality of service. Our goal is to maximize the satisfaction and satisfaction of all our current and future customers.

We want to act not only locally, but also globally

Our HDWR brand products have already been chosen by more than 20,000 customers in Poland. We serve more than 100 customers daily, not only fulfilling orders, but also providing expert assistance in the selection of equipment or its configuration. We are not limited to the domestic market, but also win recognition among foreign consumers.

For this reason, we are constantly developing our domains dedicated to customers of specific European countries. Currently, our customers can take advantage of our stores built from scratch in English, German, Romanian and Spanish. These are currently the most popular countries to which HDWR brand equipment is exported, and our customers periodically use our services, gaining the status of regular customers.

We are now steadily opening up to new European regions, creating translations of our international store for the Italian and Lithuanian markets.

In order to expand our horizons and reach, with the goal of continuous development and improvement, we are present on various foreign sales platforms, such as Amazon and Romania's Emag.

It is worth noting here that we continue to devote a lot of work and attention to our customers in Poland in order to provide the highest quality products and services, and we are constantly expanding our product range. On our store you will find our latest products at attractive prices, and business customers are encouraged to explore our dedicated B2B purchasing platform.

We want to be EKO

For the sake of our environment, we have changed the system of delivering VAT invoices to our customers. Until now, our company had a system of paper invoices attached to the shipped package with the ordered goods. In the event that a customer expressed a desire to receive an invoice in another form, or did not expect one at all, we adapted to his needs.

Our company is environmentally friendly to the planet, so we have moved away from paper invoices and send VAT invoices via email (to the email address provided by the customer when placing the order) up to sixteen hours after it is issued by our company.