Time recorder with fingerprint or password access and entry/exit Memory FTR01 HDWR

  • Type of Verification: fingerprint, password
  • Display: 2.4 inches, 320x240
  • Max. Number of Employees in Database: 1000
  • Number of Buttons: 16
time recording

Keep Track of Working Hours with the FTR01 Time Recorder

The FTR01 model is a device that excels in any company. Its ease and speed of data recording guarantee a pleasant experience. This device is perfect for all types of businesses for tracking working hours.

Fingerprint or password time recorder with entry and exit memory HDWR FTR01
simple operation

Simple Operation

What’s most important in a time recorder is its simplicity and functionality. The FTR01 time recorder does not require an internet connection, providing offline operation. Once the power adapter is connected to a 230 V socket, the device is ready to use. All reports can be opened on any computer without special software, making the device easy to use.

Maximizing the device’s operating time, it can store 100,000 logins in its memory, ensuring at least several days of continuous recorder operation. A large, colorful display allows for intuitive device operation.

HDWR FTR01 working hours recorder

Easy Management

The recorder can store data for over 1000 employees, with each user able to have up to 3 fingerprints and a unique password This ensures precise authorization and time recording.

At the management level, there is the possibility to set up departments within the company. This provides even better organization of employees. In addition to departments, shift modes can also be assigned, along with specific days of the week, and hours.

Setting working hours, permissible lateness, alarms, and protection against double verification are just some of the conveniences the recorder provides in daily operation.

FTR01 Time Recorder employee entry and exit
data collection

Effortless Data Collection

No special connections or software are needed. The device is fully self-sufficient. All data related to the device’s operation, time recording, and management of various functions are stored in internal memory. They can be read directly from the device or by connecting any USB flash drive or external drive to the recorder’s USB port.

FTR01 model, a device that excels in any company

Efficient Installation

The FTR01 model is equipped with special recesses in the rear casing, allowing for hassle-free installation anywhere. The set also includes three expansion bolts. This ensures the device firmly stays in its chosen position. Potential damage to the recorder due to falling is eliminated.

Also on the rear of the device is a speaker used for activating planned alarms and issuing various types of messages and commands.

HDWR FTR01 working hours registration
set includes

The Set Includes:

FTR01 Time Recorder, 230 V Network Adapter (0.9 m), Mounting plugs and screws, instruction manual.

Note! We recommend familiarizing yourself with and using the device in accordance with applicable personal data protection regulations.


Discover FTR01 Anew

Watch a video presenting the details of the FTR01 time recorder model on YouTube.


1 year





Verification type

Fingerprint, password

Max. number of employees in the base


Max. number of administrators in the base


Max. number of fingerprints in the base


Max. number of passwords in the base


Max. capacity of logs in the base

100 000

Number of buttons



2.4 inches, 320×240

Supported drives


Power supply

5V 1A



Error rate

1/1 000 000

Operating temperature

0 ~ 45

Storage temperature

0 ~50

Device dimensions

16.8 x 11.6 x 3.3 cm

Package dimensions

25.8 x 14.3 x 4.8 cm

Device weight

285 g

Weight with packaging

400 g


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