Wired RFID Tag Reader, 125 kHz, HD-RD20X

  • Frequency of operation: 125 kHz
  • Reading method: automatically
  • Confirmation of reading: light and sound signal
  • Reading speed: up to 200 ms

Discover the speed of RFID tag reading with the HD-RD20X reader

The wired HD-RD20X is a compact RFID tag reader. It features an elegant design that enhances the aesthetics of its surroundings. Its small size and low weight save workspace and enhance user comfort.

Wired RFID Tag Reader, 125 kHz, HD-RD20X

Fast tag reading

The device is designed for the identification of goods and individuals. It operates using radio wave technology, enabling fast reading of tags with EM4100, TK4100, SMC4001 chips from a distance of up to 80 mm. The user is informed of a correct read through a visual and audible signal.

Automatic tag reader HD-RD20X

Wide range of applications

The HD-RD20X model operates at a frequency of 125 kHz. It can be successfully used in warehouses for automatic inventory management, in businesses for monitoring work hours, recording goods in retail trade, and as a security measure to prevent the entry of external individuals.

Wired HD-RD20X RFID tag reading device

Immediate readiness for work

The RFID equipment is ready for work immediately after being connected via a USB cable. It is recognized in the system as an HID keyboard and installs automatically. This saves time by eliminating the need to install additional drivers.

Fast tag reading with RD20X

The set includes:

RFID reader, USB cable.

identification of goods and individuals



2 years

Fabrication material


Reading method


Confirmation of reading

light and sound signal

Reading speed

up to 200 ms

Reading distance

0,5-80 mm

Time between readings

0,5 s

Frequency of operation

125 kHz

Power supply




Cable length

140 cm

Dimensions of the device

94 x 60 x 10 mm

Package dimensions

125 x 85 x 38 mm

Weight of the device

130 g

Weight with packaging

300 g

Operating temperature

-10 to 70°C

Storage temperature

-20 to 80°C

Operating humidity

0 to 90%

Storage humidity

0 to 90%

Output format

10-character decimal

Readable chip types

EM4100, SMC4001, EM4200, EM4305, T5577

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