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Technology that drives your business

Over a Decade of Achievments

With our super team we reached this.

Over 20 countries

We operate globally.


High quality products.


Years of operation.

+40 000

Satisfied customers.

cash drawers
Professional Barcode Scanners

Professional scales

Store, platform and hook scales for use in the industrial area.

Multimedia projectors

If you are looking for a device that will allow you to project your materials, then you should be interested in our range of projectors.

Working time recorders

Time and attendance recorders are devices used to easily and quickly record the working time of employees by recording the date, time and type of event.

Monitor mounts

Monitor mounts are an extremely useful tool that allows you to change the position, appearance and functionality of your monitors.

Mission and Values

Our actions are always focused on respect and customer satisfaction. Thanks to the professionalism and experience of our team, we provide not only products but also support and advice at the highest level.

About HDWR Company

Founded in 2009 as Weaver Software, HDWR has been focused on providing high-quality electronic equipment from the beginning.
Transformed into HDWR Global, it gained international recognition by providing solutions for both business and individual clients.

Global and Local Operations

We strive to be leaders both in the local and international market. Our dedicated online stores in various languages and markets, including Amazon and Emag, allow easy access to our products, regardless of the customer's location.

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