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What devices can work with a multimedia projector [2023].

Multimedia projectors have become a popular and indispensable tool for all kinds of presentations over the past few years. They are used at all kinds of business meetings, conferences, trade fairs, school lessons, and more recently are increasingly used in the home as the equivalent of a home theater.

According to 2019 data, more than 4 million such devices were sold worldwide. In 2017, the share of projectors in total projector sales was 31%, and in 2018 it rose to 41%.

Projectors designed to display an image on a flat surface have been equipped with a number of different connectors to enhance their application. Specific connectors make it possible to connect different types of devices to the projector.

In this article, we will discuss:

HDMI connector

HDMI (High-Definition Multimedia Interface) is the most popular connector that most projectors are equipped with. HDMI offers wideband data transfer, which allows the transmission of high-quality video and audio. It can also transmit data in 3D, allowing the display of 3D images. In addition, it offers both digital and analog connections.

This type of interface allows you to connect a game console under the projector, so you can play your favorite game on a large surface. There are also projectors available for sale that have an AV connector in addition to HDMI, which offers the same possibilities, but is becoming increasingly rare.

VGA connector

In some multimedia projectors we can find a VGA (Video Graphics Array) connector. It was designed in 1987 by IBM. It is a three-part connector, in which two rings have 15-pin sockets and the third has 15-pin plugs. This type of connector allows the projector to work with a computer or laptop. However, this interface is only used for image transmission, so it will only work well for making pictorial presentations, as it does not transmit audio.

USB connector

The USB (Universal Serial Bus) interface is a standard communication interface. It is characterized by speed, simplicity and convenience of use. It was introduced in 1994 as an alternative to old communication connectors such as PS/2 and serial, which were difficult to use. USB is currently the most popular interface, providing a range of possibilities. This type of connector gives you the ability to hook up to a display device such equipment as, an external drive or flash drive, which gives you the ability to display photos and videos directly from these devices.

AUDIO connector

Multimedia projectors often offer an Audio connector with a 3.5mm jack plug. This is a miniature connector that is easy to connect to the device. Using it, we can connect speakers to the projector to increase sound effects, for example, when watching movies.

What is a microSD slot used for?

A microSD card slot (also known as a microSD memory card slot) is a connector for your computer, phone or other device that allows you to insert a microSD memory card. MicroSD is a type of memory card that is very small and can hold up to 32GB of data. This type of microSD card slot is very popular and widely used in various types of devices. It is often used to transfer data between different devices or to share data with others.
You can easily transfer files between devices or store data on a microSD card and insert it into another device to access the data. Among multimedia devices, you will also find some that have a special microSD card input. This solution allows you to display images and videos directly through the projector, without having to connect a camera or camcorder with a cable.

Interesting features of projectors

Some multimedia projectors are equipped with interesting features that deserve attention. Among them, for example, you will find a Bluetooth module, which offers connection to a cell phone and audio support, so that the projector can serve as a speaker.

Another interesting feature may turn out to be, the so-called Miracast function, thanks to which, after connecting via easy projection mode, we gain cooperation with Android and iOS-based devices. This option allows you to directly send an image from a cell phone or tablet.

Did you know...


Multimedia projectors are extremely useful tools, especially for presentations in large rooms or groups. They allow you to display images and videos on a large scale, and have a wide range of applications for all types of media and applications. These types of devices are ideal for anyone looking for modern solutions for presenting images and videos in high quality.

In this article, we find out what devices these popular and modern multimedia equipment can work with, and learn about the interesting features that some multimedia projectors have.

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