HDWR CTR10 card and RFID key fob time recorder

  • Type of verification: fingerprint, password, RFID card/key fob 125 kHz
  • Display: 2,4 inches, TFT LCD
  • Interface: USB
  • Number of buttons: 17

Manage your time professionally with the CTR10 Time Recorder

The CTR10 model is an advanced multifunctional device used for controlling and managing access to individual rooms and buildings, as well as for recording employee attendance in a company.Once connected to a low-voltage installation (requiring a 12W power supply), the time recorder is ready for operation. The system integrated into the device eliminates the need to install additional software or applications. High security is ensured by a triple login system, so there’s no need to worry about unauthorized access to your data. Easy configuration and function changes are possible thanks to a wide range of programming options.

The HDWR CTR10 is a time recorder that uses both RFID cards and key fobs for clocking in and out.

Ease of use

The CTR10 time attendance recorder is a multifunctional product. In addition to its main function, which is timekeeping, it also serves to control access to rooms and buildings. The recorder can store up to 1,000 employees and up to 100,000 logs in its internal memory. The device automatically assigns data to a specific employee, regardless of the verification method chosen. This makes the device suitable for both small and large companies. Such a large event capacity is sufficient for at least a whole working month, ensuring continuous and efficient time management in any company. Time attendance is done through triple verification, including fingerprint scans, a 6-digit access code, and a dedicated RFID card. Each user can add up to 3 different fingerprints. This combination maximizes security and convenience. The device features a clear 2.4-inch LED screen for easy use. All recorder functions are operated from the device itself. At this level, you can also make changes such as work schedules, shift times, or company department settings.

CTR10 Entry and Exit Time Recorder

Simple attendance tracking

The characteristic feature of the work time recorder is the absence of the need for additional connections or software. All information regarding the timekeeping is stored in the internal memory.

Data retrieval is possible directly from the device or by using a USB flash drive or external hard drive connected to the USB port. It is possible to generate a report for all logins or for individual users or specific days. Running a report does not require external software, and the device automatically creates an Excel file containing the selected data.

Various reports are available, such as an employee attendance and absence report, a report on employee lateness and early departures from work, aa well as a vacation schedule and days off.

The CTR10 work hours reader by HDWR

One device – multiple functions

The CTR10 recorder also has connectors for access control management. The included cable allows configuring a panel with an electronic door lock. This feature enables the control of room opening and closing, as well as the utilization of functions such as a tamper alarm that detects unintended device removal. Additionally, the equipment supports the Wiegand 26 and Wiegand 34 protocols. This allows for the installation of an external access control reader to transmit data directly to the recorder

The kit includes a communication tape with an attached 12V power supply, and there is also the option to connect the recorder to the low-voltage installation of the building (used by intercoms and alarm systems, among others).

The CTR10 recorder equipped with connectors for access control management

The set includes:

CTR10 Time and Attendance Recorder, communication tape for access control (20 cm), mounting pegs and screws, user manual.

Simple Time Tracking with the CTR10 Time Recorder.

Attention! We recommend familiarizing yourself with and using the device in accordance with applicable personal data protection regulations.

Frequently asked questions

What is the required power supply for the time recorder CTR10?

For the CTR10 time recorder connected to a low-voltage power supply, the required power of the power supply should be 12W.

What RFID devices does the CTR10 time recorder work with?

The time recorder works with key fobs and cards that operate using RFID radio wave technology.
Below are examples of products compatible with the CTR10 time recorder model.

At what frequency do key fobs and RFID cards that work with the CTR10 recorder operate?

RFID fobs and cards that work with the time recorder operate on 125 kHz.

How to account for non-normal working time in CTR and FTR recorders?

By default, CTR and FTR recorders are not able to count hours of operation beyond those previously set. However, it is possible to use a special macro in Excel that will count our working hours. Learn more.



1 year

Material Composition


Frequency of compatible RFID key fobs and cards

125 kHz

Type of verification

fingerprint, password, RFID card/key fob 125 kHz

Max. number of employees in the database


Max. number of administrators in the database


Max. number of fingerprints in the database


Max. number of passwords in the database


Max. log capacity in the database

100 000

Number of buttons



2.4 inches, TFT LCD

Supported Drives




Access Control

Relay Output

Magnetic Input

One-way Output


Local Transmission or Relay Output

Wiegand Input/Output


Working voltage


Protection class


Error rate

1/1 000 000

Operating Temperature

0 ~ 60°C

Operating Humidity

20 ~ 80%

Device Weight

350 g

Weight with Packaging

500 g

Device Dimensions

106mm x 106mm x 34mm

Packaging Dimensions

145mm x 140mm x 45mm

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