Employee time attendance recorder with card HDWR CTR12

  • Verification methods: fingerprint, password, RFID card 125 kHz
  • Display: 2,4 inches, TFT LCD
  • Max. number of employees in the database: 1000
  • Interface: USB

Professional timekeeping with the CTR12 recorder

The CTR12 Time Attendance Recorder is a multifunctional device designed for advanced control and management of access to specific rooms and buildings as well as for logging employee presence in a company. Once connected to a low-voltage installation (a power supply of 12W is required), the device is ready to operate. The built-in system eliminates the need for installing additional software or other applications. Security is maximized with a triple login system. We don’t have to worry that unauthorized individuals will have access to our data or the control panel. Ease of configuration and function changes is possible due to its wide range of programmability.

Employee time attendance card recorder HDWR CTR12

Easy to use

The CTR12 Time Attendance Recorder is a multifunctional product. Beyond its primary function of logging work hours, it also serves for access control to rooms and buildings. The recorder allows for storage of up to 1000 employees and as many as 100,000 logs in its internal memory. The device automatically assigns information of a specific employee regardless of the verification method they chose. As a result, this device is suitable for any company, with the size of the business being irrelevant. Such a vast storage capacity lasts for at least an entire working month. This ensures continuity and efficiency in managing work time in every enterprise. A significant advantage of the time attendance recorder is the login method, which occurs via triple verification using fingerprints, a unique access code, and a special RFID card. Each user can add up to 3 different fingerprints. It’s a combination of top-notch security and convenience. The satisfaction of using the product is credited to its clear 2.4-inch LED screen.

Working time recorder hours reader input output CTR12

Simple record-keeping

The device doesn’t require any special connection or software. All information related to timekeeping is saved in the internal memory. Data retrieval can be done directly from the device or via a USB flash drive or external disk by connecting to the USB port. It’s possible to generate a report for all logins or for specific users or date ranges. Launching a report doesn’t require any external software, and the device automatically creates an Excel file containing the selected data.

Various reports are available, such as: employee attendance summaries, employee attendance logs, tables of lateness and early shift endings, as well as the vacation schedule, days off.

CTR12 working hours recorder

One Device – Multiple Functions

The CTR12 recorder also has connectors for access control. The cable included in the set allows you to configure the panel with an electronic door lock. Thanks to this function, it is possible to control the opening and closing of the room, and to use functions such as a sabotage alarm, which detects unintended dismantling of the device. Additionally, the device supports Wiegand 26 and Wiegand 34 protocols. This allows for the installation of an external device for reading access control and delivering data directly to the recorder.

CTR12 time attendance entry exit

The set includes:

CTR12 time attendance recorder, communication ribbon for access control (20 cm), dowels and mounting screws, user manual.

The set includes a communication ribbon with an attached 12V power supply. There is also an option to connect the recorder to the building’s low-voltage installation (such installations are used, among others, by intercoms or alarm systems).

Attention! We recommend familiarizing yourself with and using the device in accordance with the applicable personal data protection regulations.



1 year



Verification methods

fingerprint, password, RFID card 125 kHz

Frequency of compatible RFID accessories

Key fobs and cards with a frequency of 125 kHz

Max. number of employees in the database


Max. number of administrators in the database


Max. number of fingerprints in the database


Max. number of passwords in the database


Max. log capacity in the database

100 000

Number of buttons



2,4 inches, TFT LCD



Access control

relay output

Magnetic input

one-way output


local transmission or relay output

Wiegand input/output


Operating voltage


Protection rating


Error rate

1/1 000 000

Operating temperature

0 ~ 60°C

Operating humidity

20 ~ 80%

Device weight

500 g

Weight with packaging

650 g

Device dimensions


Packaging dimensions


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