Electronic door handle with access control for fingerprint RFID password DC6V SecureEntry-HL100

SKU: SecureEntry-HL100
  • Types of verification: Password, fingerprint, RFID card, TUYA app, classic key
  • Capacity of users in the base: 300
  • Voltage: DC6V, 4 AAA alkaline batteries
  • The right door thickness: 41 - 55 mm
  • Additional features: Touch keyboard, cooperation with TUYA application

Control and security at a high level with electronic handle SecureEntry-HL100

SecureEntry-HL100 electronic door handle, is a smart and modern device that guarantees high safety and security. Designed to control and manage access to buildings and rooms, it gives you the full range of possibilities.

Made of high-quality materials and solid construction ensure resistance to damage and weathering. Modern and elegant design will make any door more attractive, increasing the aesthetic value. The electronic door handle will work well in companies, institutions, dormitories or private homes. It is an ideal solution wherever access control is of high importance.

Smart electronic door handle with access control for RFID fingerprint card SecureEntry-HL100

Unlock the door in several ways

The SecureEntry-HL100 offers a range of convenient options for opening doors and controlling access to a building. Each user can choose the method that best suits them. RFID technology allows access to be gained by applying a 13.56 MHz card with a Mifare chip to the appropriate marked place on the door handle. The device’s housing includes a fingerprint reader, so it is also possible to open the door through a fingerprint, which significantly increases safety and security. Users can be assigned an individual password, which they enter through a convenient touch-sensitive keypad. In addition, 2 classic keys are included, which gives the possibility to open the door in the traditional way. A total of up to 300 RFID cards, fingerprints and passwords can be stored in the device’s internal memory.

Access control system with electronic handle by HDWR company

Smart solutions and security

The electronic handle is equipped with an anti-burglary alarm. When an intrusion attempt is detected, the system will sound an alarm lasting 30 seconds, which is deactivated after correct authorization is entered. An additional security feature is a keypad lockout lasting approximately 180 seconds after 5 incorrect passwords, 5 incorrect cards and 5 incorrect fingerprints are entered consecutively.

A major advantage of the SecureEntry-HL100 is its cooperation with the TUYA smart device app. Thus, after installing the application on our phone, we can open or close the door remotely and make the configuration from almost anywhere on earth.

The electronic handle is powered by 4 AAA alkaline batteries, which are included in the kit. In addition, there is a USB port at the bottom of the housing, which allows you to connect the device to an external power supply of DC6V.

Electronic door handle for card, fingerprint, password by HDWR company

The set includes:

Front lock with handle, lock back plate with handle, connecting post, 2x rubber security insert, lock body, blade lock core, plastic cap, 3x Mifare 1 RFID card, two classic keys, 4x AAA batteries, template for cutting holes, instruction manual.

SecureEntry-HL100 electronic lock with handle and access control

Frequently asked questions



1 year

Device type

electronic handle with lock and access control

Supported RFID cards

13,56 MHz

Types of verification

Password, fingerprint, RFID card, TUYA app, key

Capacity of users in the base


The right door thickness

41 – 55 mm

Power consumption


Additional features

Touch keyboard, cooperation with TUYA application


35 x 85


Compatible with more than 10 keyways, including a European standard lock body

Handle direction

universal, left or right


DC6V, 4 AAA alkaline batteries

Alarm voltage


Lock size

3,8 x 29 cm

Volume level


Password length

4-10 digits



Supported languages

Chinese, English



Access control


Package dimensions

40 x 26 x 9,2 cm

Product weight

1 kg

Weight with packaging

6 kg

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