Wired USB Barcode Scanner Reader HDWR HD10

  • Scanning speed: 300 scans per second
  • Confirmation of scanning: light and sound signal
  • Degree of protection: IP54 class
  • Resistance to falls from heights: up to 1.8 meters

Discover precision and scanning speed with HD10

The Wired HD10 is a handy and lightweight barcode reader made from high-quality materials. It features a sturdy casing with an IP54 protection level, ensuring durability and resistance to falls from heights of up to 1.8 meters as well as protection against dust and water ingress. Its elegant appearance allows it to fit into any interior, contributing to the aesthetic of the environment.

USB Barcode Scanner Reader

Comfort, precision, and speed of operation

The high-quality scanning system of the HD10 model accurately reads standard one-dimensional (1D) codes at a speed of up to 300 scans per second. The user is notified about the successful scanning through a blue LED light and an auditory signal. A significant advantage of the scanner is the ability to program any character as a prefix and suffix. This feature allows the user to set, for example, function keys (F11, F9, F7, etc.) as a prefix or suffix. The barcode scanner works perfectly with fiscal cash registers, making it ideal for use in stores and supermarkets.

HDWR HD10 Wired Barcode Scanner

Ready to use immediately upon connection

The scanner is adapted to work in various environments. It is equipped with a USB interface with Plug & Play functionality, making it ready to use immediately upon connection to the target device, and it doesn’t require any additional drivers for proper operation. It effortlessly cooperates with operating systems like Linux and Windows XP, 7, 8, 10.

HD10 Wired Handy and Lightweight Barcode Scanner

The set includes:

Wired Barcode Scanner, User Manual.

HDWR HD10D Barcode Scanner

Discover HD10 anew

Watch a video presenting the details of the HD10 scanner model on YouTube.



2 years

Construction material


Light source

650nm laser diode

Scanning type


Scanning method

on a button (manual)

Confirmation of scanning

light and sound signal

Scanning speed

300 times per second


32-bit ARM

Scanning width

5-30 cm

Print contrast

min 25%

Error rate

1/5 million

Laser lifetime

12,000 hours

Life span of the button

5,000,000 times

Output voltage

5 / 3,3 V

Operating current


Standby current




Degree of protection


Drop resistance

up to 1.8m

Dimensions of the device

16 x 9,5 x 6 cm

Package dimensions

20 x 10 x 7 cm

Weight of the device

170 g

Weight of the device with packaging

240 g

Operating temperature

– 20 to 50°C

Storage temperature

-40 to 60°C

Readable 1D codes

UPC, EAN, EAN-128, Code 39, Code 39 Full ASCII, Coda bar, Industrial 2 of 5, Interleaved 2 of 5 (ITF), Code 93, MSI, Code 11, ISBN, ISSN, China post

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