RFID reader with access control for 125 kHz RFID cards, Wiegand 26/34, metal housing, waterproof, outdoor SecureEntry-CR50LF

SKU: SecureEntry-CR50LF
  • Verification type: RFID card
  • Frequency of operation: 125 kHz
  • Operating voltage: DC 9V - 16V, standard 12V
  • Interface: Wiegand 26/34
  • Proximity range: 3-10 cm
  • Degree of protection: IP68

Open any door with an access control reader SecureEntry-CR50LF

The reliable and rugged SecureEntry-CR50LF access control reader has been designed for managing entrance to buildings and rooms. It has a robust design, and the IP68-rated metal housing not only provides resistance to mechanical damage, but also protects against the ingress of water into the device. As a result, the access control can be successfully installed outside the building.

The reader will prove itself as an access device in all kinds of companies, institutions, offices or blocks of flats.

SecureEntry-CR50LF RFID card access control reader

Open conveniently with your RFID card

The SecureEntry-CR50LF features an operating voltage of DC 9V – 16V and operates at 125 kHz. When it is combined with an electronic or electromagnetic door lock, it allows the door to be unlocked quickly and conveniently using an RFID card. The user is informed of the correct reading of the proximity card by an LED and an audible signal. In addition, the Wiegand 26 and Wiegand 34 interface allows the reader to be connected to a time recorder or other external device, creating a more advanced access control system.

RFID reader for access control by HDWR.

The set includes:

Access control reader with wires, special allen key.

SecureEntry-CR50LF RFID card access control from HDWR

Frequently asked questions



1 year

Device type

RFID reader with access control

Verification type

RFID card

Fabrication material


Speed of response

less than 0.2 seconds

Proximity range

3-10 cm

Communication distance

100 meters

Data transfer

in real time

Operating voltage

DC9V-16V, standard 12V

Operating current

70 mA

Light signal

Built-in LED (two-color LED)

Sound signal

Built-in speaker (buzzer)

Audiovisual signaling

when the registered card is applied to the reader, the red LED red LED flashes green and a beep is emitted


Wiegand 26/34

Supported RFID cards

125 kHz EM

Access control


Degree of protection


Operating temperature

-25º C to 75º C

Operating humidity


Product dimensions

12 x 6,5 x 2,1 cm

Package dimensions

14,2 x 9,2 x 4,3 cm

Product weight

400 g

Product weight with packaging

500 g

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