Hook with position detector for electronic surface lock with pull-out bolt SecureEntry-SC20

SKU: SecureEntry-SC20
  • Product type : clip for electronic surface lock
  • The right door thickness: 10-15 mm
  • The right type of door: frameless glass
  • Opening mode: two-way door 90 degrees or 180 degrees

Learn about the functionality and durability of the electronic lock striker SecureEntry-SC20

SecureEntry-SC20 is a heavy-duty striker designed for an electronic surface lock. It is mounted on the surface of frameless glass doors with a thickness of 10 to 15 mm. Made of strong stainless steel, it provides resistance to damage and long service life.

Door catch with electronic lock SecureEntry-SC20

Simplicity and security

The latch can work with both an electronic lock and a surface-mounted electromagnetic lock, that is, placed on the surface of the door, which has a pull-out bolt. The SecureEntry-SC20 model is equipped with a position detector, which helps lock the door at the right moment.

The compact shape of the product means that once the striker is installed, it does not take up much space on the surface of the door and thus does not lower the aesthetics of the entrance to the building or room.

HDWR's electric lock attachment

The set includes:

Hook for electronic lock, metal and rubber washer.

Hook for electronic door lock SecureEntry-SC20

Frequently asked questions



1 year

Device type

clip for electronic surface lock

Fabrication material

pure stainless steel


electronic surface locks

The right type of door

frameless glass

The right door thickness

10-15 mm

Opening mode

two-way door 90 degrees or 180 degrees

Product dimensions

9,8 x 3,8 x 4,8 mm

Dimensions with packaging

10 x 5,5 x 5 cm

Product weight

100 g

Weight with packaging

300 g

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